Debt Defense

Debt Collection Defense: If you are being sued over a debt, you may be able to defend against the lawsuit and avoid bankruptcy! Our firm defends a limited number of debt collection suits.  These are the kinds of cases where we can help:

  • “Wrong person” defendants being sued over the debts of someone else with a similar name.
  • Victims of identity theft and credit card theft being sued over debts they did not incur.
  • Private individuals being sued over the debts of a corporation for which they were not personally liable.
  • Anyone else being sued over a debt that they do not owe, including lawsuits over paid-off accounts, settled debts, and debts discharged in bankruptcy.
  • Cases where a debt is too old for suit (sometimes
    called “statute of limitations” or “zombie debt” cases).
  • “Junk debt buyer” cases where the creditor suing cannot prove that who incurred the debt or that it owns the account in question.
  • Cases involving improperly repossessed vehicles.

An in-office appointment is necessary for us to interview you, review your paperwork, and accurately estimate the fees and costs necessary to defend the case. If, after review, we decline to represent you, we will advise you on your options for free and refer you to another attorney. Call our office at 919.960.6108 to set up a free initial consultation on your collection defense case.

We’re sorry, but this office does not provide foreclosure defense, foreclosure advice, or “ghost-written” legal documents for persons representing themselves.